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 Follow-up transactions

How do you rate the service of transactions follow up that is provided by the Ministry ?
  • Terms of Service:

    This serves as an agreement between the Ministry of Finance and the site user, so the use of the site means you agree to all that came in from the terms and conditions and any violation of any of them displays the user legal accountability. This importance comes from our desire to ensure that the user's authority and the ministry.

    Acceptance of the service agreement:
    The use of the site is considered a tacit approval to the terms of use, so if you were to not agree to any in which he said you should not use the site because it means that you do not agree to the terms used by the laws.

    the changes:
    This agreement may be changed at any time, so you should be reviewed from time to time to make sure you're OK with their content. The responsibility of reviewing the user's responsibility.

    Warning uses and use of the site:
    Agree to the Service Agreement means that you respect everything that came out of the caveats, and generally things forbidden do send or sent forbidden things or illegally, to do what is contrary to the work site, work procedures that will create a significant and unreasonable pressure on the infrastructure of the site .
    The ministry also ensure that all data, numbers and statistics published are accurate and correct, but shall not bear any legal responsibility for decisions made based on those data.
  • There is no fee for this service.
  • This service available in Arabic and English
  • The service implementation: immediate​
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