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​The Ministry of Finance was keen to provide the latest technologies within its online portal, which seeks to create a channel of communication between the ministry and the beneficiaries. To achieve the principle of partnership between the ministry and the public beneficiaries where it set some standards which serve as their Charter, This Charter aims to achieve the goals of the ministry and the development of services and ideas for the future.

Ministry commitments:

the portal contains many services provided for individual users and companies whether they are citizens or foriegners, to reach the goal the ministry is committed to some articles:

Continuity: the ministry has provided the latest devices and equipment and software that ensure continuity of the work of the portal around the clock.
Privacy and confidentiality of information: the user is considered confidential and privacy is very important to the ministry, so the ministry was keen to develop a clear policy in this regard included maintaining all the data related to the individual or company.

Receive complaints and suggestions: The portal offers several channels for receiving complaints and observations that in order to provide a mechanism to listen to the citizen in all transparency and ease of ministry and to be able to follow orders and interacting with citizens.

Communication and participation: Portal is committed to providing many private channels to communicate and allowed to participate, either through social networks or form a special correspondent with the ministry and multiple referenda, forums and blogs.

Responsibilities of beneficiaries:

The ministry is also committed to specific criteria to provide better services to citizens and residents visiting it follows or registered user to comply with a number of responsibilities and standards in order to reach the desired objectives of this portal.

Terms of Use: Portal user must read our terms and conditions to be followed while using this portal.

E-services standards: The electronic service (E-Service) can be defined On Ministry of Finance portal as follows: It is an interactive, or operational or integrated service provided by a governmental agency to the individuals beneficiaries, whether they are citizens or residents or visitors, in addition to the business sector and the other governmental agencies, such a service, the service can be offered via the Ministry's portal. The user can get the information needed based on the input entered when using any e-service.

  • Service Response time for home page and all other pages does not exceed 6 seconds as a maximum.
  • The average response time for Ministry of Finance portal main page is between 4-6 seconds.
  • Availability  is 99%.
  • Downtime per year 1.65 days.
  • Downtime per month 3.20 hours.

E-participation: participation can not bear fruit without adherence to the standards and responsibilities of party user, where it was providing many channels of electronic communication and participation to allow the user to express his opinion, and therefore the consequent user access to electronic participation policy.

Complaints and inquiries: The user is obliged to provide accurate and correct information through during the writing of the complaint or inquiry to be handled informally by the concerned ministry.

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