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Uploading Annual Allowances and Subvention Disbursement Justifications Service


This service allows the user to upload annual allowances and subvention disbursement justifications.

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Service Rating
Target Audience
3 - 5 Working Days
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Service release date 13/06/2023
Service update date 25/01/2024

1. The user enters the following data  (Beneficiary's national ID number and national ID number of the deceased who is entitled to allowances and subvention). 
2. The user clicks on "Inquire".
3. Allowances and subvention disbursement details appear to the user.
4. Uploading annual allowances and subvention disbursement Justifications box appears to the user.
5. The user waits to receive notice of approval or rejection of his request.
6. Submit the required documents.
7. Submit the application. 
8. Review the application from the service provider and complete the disbursement or identify feedbacks to be processed by the service beneficiary.

​As per Individuals Platform's  terms and conditions – MOF.​


Last Update : 10/10/2023 5:28 PM