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the National Single Sign On
 A national initiative is being made by the Ministry of the Interior in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to issue and manage the digital  IDs of citizens and residents. Since many governmental and private agencies have started to keep pace with the development and to provide its services through electronic portals by using electronic identifiers (username and password) through using a verifying means that allow access for its electronic services, which are actually considered as digital IDs, that is linked to the individual and represents his identity in electronic transactions, which is called a "digital identity". The aim of this initiative is to find a comprehensive solutions to the management and governance of digital identity, to provide a unified electronic access services at the national level,  and to provide the  needed mechanism and tools that are necessary to solve the problem, which faces many governmental and private agencies. This problem is represented in obstructing the provision of many important services which benefit the citizen and resident due to the fact that level of credibility and trust are low, in the digital identity, and the possibility of being stolen or hacked.

Objectives of the National Single Sign On Project:
- To create a national system under the direction of the ministry of interior for the benefit of government and private sectors that is trust worthy and  for the digital identity management.
- Issuance of an "electronic ID proof " for an individual or entity in the digital identity system.
- Creating  a verification mechanism and secure registration to make sure that the identity issued by the system belongs to the intended person who is only entitled to use the digital identity.
- Use more than one means, to achieve a high level of authentication or registration,  in the process of entering the system by using the following:
- National identity card .
- Vital features such as fingerprint, face and eye.
- Use a temporary confidential code that is sent to your mobile phone or e-mail.
- Also by using a user name and a password.


Last Update : 7/24/2018 12:59 PM