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 The National Debt Management Center Showcased the Kingdom's Efforts in Managing Covid-19 Impacts Over a Global Investor Virtual Meeting

Mr. Fahad Al-Saif, Chief Executive Officer of the National Debt Management Center, discussed over a virtual meeting with international investors, the efforts made by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to manage the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19). The virtual meeting attracted investors from 20 countries, with majority participation from Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East.
Mr. Al-Saif discussed during the virtual meeting, the Kingdom’s economy and health situation in light of Covid-19. He shed light on how the Kingdom’s government was able to take precautionary measures to achieve health and economic security in the Kingdom. Furthermore, he highlighted the government's urgent initiatives and financial stimulus packages aimed at relieving the impacts of the pandemic on the private sector and economic activities, and how the National Debt Management Center has adjusted its financing strategy to adapt to the global changes. 
As part of the National Debt Management Center strategy, ensuring effective communication with investors is one of its main pillars to deepen its investor base and strengthen the relations, particularly during such unprecedented times.

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Last Update : 4/16/2020 11:30 PM