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 Ministry of Finance Announces the Successful Pricing of the Seventh International Note Issuance for a Total value of USD 7 Billion

The Ministry of Finance through the National Debt Management Center has announced the receipt of subscriptions from investors for its seventh international issuance under the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Global Medium-Term Note Programme. 
The issuance was more than 7 times oversubscribed, with total orders amounting to more than USD 54 billion. The Kingdom will issue a total of USD 7 billion (equivalent to SAR 26.25 billion), consisting of three tranches as follows: USD 2.5 billion (equivalent to SAR 9.37 billion) for 5 year notes maturing 2025, USD 1.5 billion (equivalent to SAR 5.62 billion) for 10 year notes maturing 2030, and USD 3 billion (equivalent to SAR 11.25 billion) for 40 year notes maturing 2060. 

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Last Update : 4/16/2020 9:27 PM