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 Pre-qualification for the Unified Government Resource Planning Project

MOF plays a leading role in achieving the vision of Saudi Arabia 2030 and the National Transformation Program 2020.  Being the ministry responsible for strengthening the framework of public financial management in the government sector and in accordance with the Supreme Decree No. 8240 dated 8/11/2017, which envisages the development of a comprehensive system of financial systems, human resources, unified procurement and supply chains, that takes into account initiatives of unified financial system, shared services, strategic procurement and the King Salman Human Resources Development Program, Thus, MOF is working on one of the main initiatives of the National Transformation Program to establish a "unified government resource planning" covering the accounting and financial entries, human resources, procurement, inventory and warehouses in MOF and most of the government and public sector agencies.  The unified government resource planning is a key enabling factor for reforms in public financial management, since it consists of the following key elements:
• Common financial and accounting processes and procedures at the government level.
• Preparation and implementation of the budget at the level of all government agencies, and the empowerment of controls and compliance and follow-up of financial resources.
• Enabling switch from cash basis accounting to daily accrual basis accounting.
• Human resources management and salaries of government employees processes. 
• Procurement, contracts and government billing processes.
• Inventory and warehouse management operations.

Last Update : 6/24/2019 2:43 PM