How satisfied are you with our website?

Visitors to the Ministry's website answered this question as part of a questionnaire measuring their satisfaction with the quality of service, information provision and ease of access.
The results were positive, with the vast majority expressing satisfaction with the efficiency of the information provided on the homepage and confirmed no difficulties in using the site.
Respondents made several observations which the site’s officials have responded to. Accordingly, the search was improved by adding an advanced search feature that facilitate improved access to information. The search box offers a way that enables visitors to access the site’s contents directly from the search results page, which made finding specific words or phrases faster and easier. In addtion, and in response to visitors' requests, links to Etimad platform and service evaluation pages have been added.
In their answers to the questionnaire, 65% of respondents have agreed or strongly agreed that using the site was easy and uncomplicated; 63% have agreed or strongly agreed that the information was sufficient, accurate and serving their needs; 51% have asserted that they have not faced any difficulties when visiting the site; and 60% have agreed or strongly agreed that the main page has contained sufficient information.

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