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 During His Participation at the OFID Ministerial Meeting and Forum H.E. AlJadaan: Energy Security is Crucial to Nations’ Growth and Prosperity


His Excellency, the Minister of Finance, Mr. Mohammed Al Jadaan attended the OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID) Ministerial Meeting and Forum, held on Tuesday and Wednesday, June 21 and 22, in Vienna, Austria, in the presence of Their Excellencies the Finance Ministers of OFID member states.

The meeting agenda included a review of OFID's annual report and financial statements, an assessment of the Fund's performance for the current year, and a discussion of the Fund's plans for the coming year. The Meeting also included a discussion among partner states and institutions about the current status, the Fund's role in bridging the energy poverty gap and potential future scenarios for international development.

During the forum, which coincides with the ministerial annual meeting, H.E. Al Jadaan underscored the importance of considering security of energy supply and economic development in parallel with climate change challenges, explaining that no country will be able to grow and prosper without the availability of reliable energy sources.

Mr. Aljadaan emphasized the need for Member States to work together to build a climate-resilient future. He noted that supporting both adaptation and mitigation policies requires a strong and well-regulated financial system that provides a sustainable business environment, and called for the use of the large and growing international pool of funds to finance just, green transitions.

The Minister explained that the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) had proved in recent years its reliability in stabilizing energy supplies and maintaining global economic health, noting that the recent fuel shortage was largely driven by lack of refining capacity, followed by underinvestment in energy capital expenditures (CAPEX).

The Minister of Finance welcomed OFID's efforts on global strategic development challenges, such as the climate change and energy transition, as well as the looming food crisis, appreciating in this context the initiative announced by the Fund at the meeting of the Arab Coordination Group regarding the timely support in the amount of $10 billion for the Joint Action Plan for Food Security. He also emphasized the importance of strengthening OFID fund collaboration with other partners to achieve greater progress and broader development impact.

On the sidelines of the ministerial meeting, His Excellency, the Minister of Finance signed a memorandum of understanding with OFID relating to the appointment of qualified employees of the Ministry of Finance to the Fund, out of the keenness of the Ministry to provide Saudi qualified personnel the opportunity to work with regional and international organizations.

The kingdom is the largest contributor to OFID, which was established in 1976 with the aim of strengthening cooperation among member states to help low-income poor countries increase their economic and social growth.

OFID provides concessional financing in the form of loans to support infrastructure and social service projects, and to enhance productivity by focusing on projects that meet the basic needs of developing countries such as food, energy, healthcare and education. The Fund also contributes to the provision of financing private sector projects and trade finance. So far, 134 countries worldwide have benefited from OFID financial assistance.​

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