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 Ministry of Finance has Launched Fingerprints System Officially

​The Ministry of Finance officially has begun  in applying the system  of fingerprints to prove the attendance and the departure of its employees on Sunday, 11/1/1436 AH.

The fingerprints system ,that records the attendance and departure of staff through the fingerprints automatically,  has achieved a great success in organizing the office hours of attendance and departure with a high precision and efficient mechanism The first phase was applied in the main court of the Ministry of Finance in Riyadh .

The fingerprints system  is distinguished by  shortening the space of time, saving energy and money by adjusting, monitoring the movement of staff office hours all the day and by issuing a daily report for attendance and leaving, with multiple options, according to the needs; recording data on normal and emergency vacations; business trips and excuses in a flexible way with easy access to get the career discipline reports in standard short period and a long one, besides the flexibility in issuing cumulative reports of movement of each employee, with the feature of  linking this project with the General administration of follow-up. Nonetheless, it reduces the operational costs and proves its credibility  for the ideal  use of communications and information technology to serve the employees of the Ministry .

Last Update : 1/2/2017 4:59 PM