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 The Deputy Finance Minister for International Affairs Heads the Kingdom's Delegation to the Extraordinary Session of the Arab Economic and Social Council 


Cairo, July 21, 2022: 

The Deputy Finance Minister for International Affairs, Dr. Ryadh Alkhareif, headed the Kingdom's delegation to the Extraordinary Session ministerial meeting of the Economic and Social Council of the Arab League, today, July 21, 2022, which was held to prepare the economic and social file for the next Arab Summit to be hosted by Algeria in November.  

The meeting reviewed a number of topics that will be included in the economic and social file that will be submitted to the Arab Summit in its 31st regular session in Algeria.  

The Council stressed the importance of strengthening joint Arab economic and social action, especially in light of the rapid and successive changes the global economy is witnessing at the present time, and at a stage where many Arab countries are trying to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic, and move forward with the implementation of the 2030 sustainable development plan. 

In his intervention, Dr. Ryadh Alkhareif stressed the importance of the summit focusing on addressing the current challenges facing the Arab world, foremost the challenges related to food security, pointing to the efforts of the Kingdom’s government and its pioneering role in this aspect, including its contribution with the Arab Coordination Group in responding to the global food supply crisis by announcing a support package of $10 billion. 

The Economic and Social Council is one of the main organs of the Arab League, and it includes ministers of Arab member states specialized in economic and financial affairs. The Council holds two sessions each year, with the aim of achieving cooperation among member states to advance their economies, invest their natural facilities, and facilitate inter-trade exchange. The council also holds preparatory meetings for Arab summits in the economic and social fields. ​

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