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 The Minister of Finance Participates in the 2022 G20 Infrastructure Investors Dialogue



His Excellency the Minister of Finance, Mr. Mohammed bin Abdullah AlJadaan, participated in the Infrastructure Investors Dialogue for 2022 G20, which was organized by the Indonesian G20 Presidency, in collaboration with the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the Long-Term Investors Club (LTIC), and the Global Infrastructure Facility (GIF), on July 15th, in Bali, with the participation of finance ministers and central bank governors from the G20 countries, and a number of representatives of the invited countries and heads of international and regional organizations.  

His Excellency the Minister of Finance stressed during his participation that "the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is working hard to promote the business environment that ensures the commercial feasibility of sustainable infrastructure projects to attract the private sector," noting that the Kingdom has recently launched a renewable energy program to promote the development of environment friendly projects and attract investment to the renewable energy sector. And that the program provides financial support through the government-financed Saudi Industrial Development Fund.

He explained that infrastructure will continue to play an important role in enhancing economic activity and supporting productivity, noting that "financing development and the sustainable quality of infrastructure are among the key issues discussed by the G20. Within this framework, the group encouraged many major initiatives to launch investment in infrastructure and to align it with the sustainable development goals," marking that the report of the G20 and the OECD, which was produced during the Saudi G20 Presidency in 2020, included many positive results on cooperation with institutional investors and asset managers in infrastructure.

It is noteworthy that the Kingdom has a major role in supporting the efforts of the G20 to achieve strong, balanced, sustainable and inclusive economic growth. It also supports all efforts aimed at enhancing cooperation between the public and private sectors to invest in infrastructure.​

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