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 The National Debt Management Center Announces the Successful Pricing of the Eighth International Note Issuance for a Total value of USD 5 Billion


The National Debt Management Center has announced the receipt of subscriptions from investors for its eighth international issuance under the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's Global Medium-Term Note Programme. 

The issuance was more than 4 times oversubscribed, with total orders amounting to more than USD 22 billion. The Kingdom will issue a total of USD 5 billion (equivalent to SAR 18.75 billion), consisting of two tranches as follows: USD 2.75 billion (equivalent to SAR 10.3 billion) for 12 year notes maturing 2033, USD 2.25 billion (equivalent to SAR 8.4 billion) for 40 year notes maturing 2061.​

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Last Update : 1/27/2021 12:15 PM