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 Abdullah Bin Zarah Executive Director representing Saudi Arabia at the International Monetary Fund (IMF)


His Excellency the Minister of Finance, Mr. Mohammed Al-Jadaan, issued a decree appointing Mr. Abdullah bin Fahad bin Zarah as Executive director representing Saudi Arabia at the International Monetary Fund (IMF). His Excellency extends his appreciation to Mr. Maher Mouminah for the exerted vast efforts during his period as Executive director for KSA office at IMF, wishing him success in his endeavors.

The appointment of Mr. Abdullah bin Zarah was based on his extensive experience and profound knowledge in the financial, investment, government debt management, credit and asset management, corporate finance and treasury fields. He has served in his last position as Chief Operating Officer and Chief of Staff at the National Debt Management Center overseeing the total debt portfolio across its different currencies, maturities, and debt services, in addition to managing the sovereign credit rating process of Saudi Arabia along with securities services operations and support functions.

In this context, Mr. Abdullah bin Fahd bin Zarah expressed his thanks and appreciation to the leadership and the Minister of Finance for their valuable confidence in this appointment, that will have a tremendous motivation to further serve the country,  contribute to strengthening the kingdom's leadership role financially and economically at global level in general and in regional level, in particular and to achieve the kingdom's economic and development goals under its unique Vision 2030.

The Saudi IMF's Executive Office has a permanent membership in the IMF Executive Board to represent Saudi Arabia independently. The Executive Board composed of 24 executive directors, representing the 190 member countries aiming to promote global monetary cooperation, securing financial stability, facilitating international trade, promoting high employment opportunities and sustainable economic growth, and reducing poverty around the world.

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Last Update : 9/19/2021 8:13 PM