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 Saudi G20 Sherpa Holds First Workshop for Kingdom’s Participation in 2024 G20 Meetings


​The Saudi Sherpa Office at the Ministry of Finance held a workshop today, 23 January 2024, that brought together the representatives from 18 KSA government entities participating in the 2024 G20 Sherpa and Finance Tracks. The workshop was chaired by the Saudi G20 Sherpa the Assistant Minister of Finance for Macro-Fiscal Policies and International Relations, Mr. Abdulmuhsen Alkhalaf,.

The workshop sought to enhance coordination and cooperation between the government entities that represent the Kingdom in the 2024 G20 Sherpa and Finance working groups. Participants also focused on identifying critical issues in the various working groups, discussed priorities of the 2024 G20 Brazilian presidency, highlighted the Kingdom's views, and prepared for the G20 Leaders' Summit that will be held in Rio de Janeiro 18-19 November 2024.

Alkhalaf expressed his thanks to the Kingdom's representatives in the G20 working groups for their efforts during India's G20 presidency last year. Alkhalaf also emphasized that the Kingdom had an active and pioneering role that contributed to the success of India's G20 presidency, stressing the importance of continued enhanced communication and alignment between the Kingdom's teams and the Sherpa Office in order to unify the Kingdom's position regarding G20 priorities for 2024 under the Brazilian presidency.

In addition, Alkhalaf highlighted the opportunity to use the G20 platform to enhance partnerships and international cooperation in many areas, including contributing to knowledge-sharing, enhancing skills development, and shaping global economic policies, which in turn will enhance the Kingdom's positions regionally and internationally.

The Federative Republic of Brazil hosts the G20 for the first time in its history under the theme “Building a Just World and a Sustainable Planet," with three main priorities which are: (i) social inclusion and the fight against hunger and poverty; (ii) sustainable development and energy transitions; and (iii) reform of global governance institutions. The G20 events will be held this year in with the participation of the African Union as a new permanent member, after its inclusion was announced in New Delhi's Declaration last year. Within the Brazilian Presidency this year, there are 15 working groups under the Sherpa track, 7 working  groups under the Finance track, and 13 engagement groups under the engagement track, and the total meeting of the Brazilian presidency for this year reaches 201 meetings, including 23 meetings at the ministerial level.

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