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​The electronic government procurement system, the most important building blocks of E-government And one of the most important national projects are accorded by the State represented by the Ministry of Finance paid particular attention So this project is to standardize and facilitate competition and Government procurement in all government sectors It will also support the principle of transparency among government agencies, suppliers and easy procedures for suppliers and access to the largest slice them where they would have the positive effect of increasing competitiveness and quality, the following are the major goals of the project:

1- utomation system of competition and Government procurement.
2- Standardize government procurement processes and procedures and to establish a standardized system.
3- to enhance the  Updated procedures and forms of action effectiveness of procurement and contracting under the Government procurement system and competition to increase performance, quality and process improvement.
4- Strengthening oversight and audit systems procurement.
5- Maximize economic returns by saving time and effort and cost, and reducing wastage and loss.
6- Enhance fairness and transparency and contribute to the fight against financial and administrative corruption.
7- Cooperation and ongoing communication, sharing and exchange of data and information between government agencies and the private sector.
8- Promote the use of e-government transactions.

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